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You will discover that sunning on your private balcony room at 724m above sea level, breathing the fresh air of Cademario will give you a different outlook on the world, particularly when a cloud floats by below you.
Jog along the wooded slopes of the Malcantone.
Cademario is the perfect venue of those who want fresh, brisk air in the summer months. Different well-marked paths, through charming villages and along breathtaking views. It is one of the different possibilities to spoil yourself while you stay at Al Ponte.

A visit to the Romanesque church of Sant’Ambrogio, below Cademario dominating from above the panorama of the western branch of Lake Lugano.

Or enjoy a day of sightseeing, by boat, trying to define the charm of the Ticino Canton, so many are the fascinations that it offers the visitor. It may be the Southern magic, its mild climate, the lush Mediterranean vegetation, and the languid atmosphere that pervades the whole region.

Kayaking on Lake Lugano, with the unforgettable moments by kayak